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Gerard offers bespoke site visits, reports and specifications for historic, decorative, post-war modern and new build brickwork. Including specialist pointing, jointing, re-pointing, craftsmanship, failure, repair, restoration, conservation, cleaning methods and many other architectural & surveying practices.

Site visits serve several purposes, such as:

  • Utilising his unique long years of meaningful high-level craft experience and academic background for an empathetic assessment of the overall Brickwork to determine its historical development, pinpointing key facts about bricks, mortars, bonding, articulation, joint finishes etc

  • Assisting with archaeological surveys

  • Surveying the condition of brickwork in order to determine its true condition and causes of failure in order to determine the best methods of repair compatible to both the materials and craft techniques of the historic period of construction.

  • Advising on historical accuracy in programmes

  • Identify deficiencies in craft knowledge and skills on site necessary to complete works to specification in order to determine and provide relevant bespoke training

  • Provide detailed written reports, specifications,

  • Expert Witness on matters of dispute and impasse on-site and/or within a formal legal environment

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