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A Biography of Dr Gerard Lynch

Gerard Lynch is an internationally acclaimed and highly respected historic brickwork consultant, master bricklayer, educator and author. He followed a traditional apprenticeship as a bricklayer and, over the years through his natural ability within his craft, gained many awards, including the Silver and Gold Trowels from the Brick Development Association and is a Licentiate of the City and Guilds of London Institute (LCG).  He is a former Head lecturer of Trowel Trades at Bedford College, pioneering a revival of gauged brickwork, in which he is considered the world’s leading authority, and other almost forgotten traditional craft skills; and is affectionately known by the historic term, ‘The Red Mason’.  He returned to contracting and set up a private consultancy practice in 1992.


Craft Contributions & Achievements

Showcase of Gerards Works and Studies Within Historic Brickwork



Given the title of ‘Kentucky Colonel’, the Commonwealth’s highest honour, awarded for his significant contribution to craft education and training.


Gerard has pioneered exceptional and Innovative revivals in restoring lost craft techniques, skills, understanding and use of materials and tools.


Gerard served a 5 year apprenticeship and applies this through many years of varied work experience at the highest level and now shares this wealth of knowledge to students.


Gerard has been involved in various televised programmes.

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“If Gerard Lynch were an American citizen I would endorse any effort to make him a national treasure. He is singular in his knowledge of historic brickwork, brick manufacturing techniques and their traditional assemblies. Perhaps most remarkably, his hands-on skills equal and has greatly contributed to his encyclopaedic wealth of knowledge. Perhaps more than any other individual in his field, Mr. Lynch has been at the forefront of rediscovering the lost art of ``red masonry`` at a depth heretofore unimagined”

Architect - Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects, New York

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