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Limes & Lime Based Mortars

The course will consist of practical demonstrations and activities that will involve the student in using limes of various forms, backed by talks covering: The variety of limes and their uses, the current issues and suitability of purpose (no lime is a bad lime if properly used.) Non-hydraulic and hydraulic limes, traditional and modern preparations. The decay of buildings and why historic buildings need lime. Detailed course notes written by the tutor underpin the lectures and practical sessions.

Learning outcomes:

  • To gain an enhanced understanding of how lime-based mortars should be selected, prepared, used and cared for to ensure successful re-pointing that performs as intended

  • To raise awareness of the many reasons why OPC-based mortars are wholly inappropriate to re-point traditionally constructed masonry built with lime mortars.

This can also be combined with the Historic Forms of Jointing & Pointing course.

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