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Jigginstown House, Eire Consultancy

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As part of his ongoing retention by the ‘Office of the Public Works’ (OPW) in Ireland as their Historic Brickwork Consultant on Jigginstown House (c.1635-40), , Dr Gerard Lynch, demonstrated yet again another of the many attributes that has seen him acclaimed internationally as a unique master brickmason. As part of the many essential remedial works that he has advised on, trained the craftsmen for, and sometimes led on too, has been the recent move to reinstate structural integrity back into the original century brickwork of the huge kitchen fireplace that, a great many years, had its arch of over 3.2 metres in overall span removed; and so left the unsupported brickwork above in a precarious position.

Gerard set about showing 18 OPW stonemasons and bricklayers how to practically approach the complexity of setting out the overall geometry on site for the replacement three-centred-arch. Having drawn one half, as usual, Gerard then moved on to cover how to correctly position all of the voussoirs (arch bricks), bonding the arch face and concluded by showing how to correctly establish the templets for the voussoirs for each section of the arch, how to check each of them for positional accuracy, in readiness for cutting the selected bricks to precise size and shape ahead of all that will be involved in re-building the three-centred-arch.

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