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Gerard has been involved in various televised programmes, Including:

  • ‘Bedford a Pioneering College’: By the Open University 1983, Lecture and demonstration skills

  • ‘The Skills Lesson’:  By Chiltern consortium 1986. Commissioned for student teachers studying for the Certificate of Education.  A video of how an ideal skills lesson should be constructed and taught to craft apprentices.

  • ‘Gauged Brickwork’: by English Heritage 1990. As part of their library on conservation skills.  I was commissioned to lecture on and demonstrate aspects of gauged brickwork.

  • ‘Wall To Wall’:  By the BBC 1993. As part of a 6 series documentary on methods of construction.  I was asked as a national expert to demonstrate Gauged Brickwork.

  • ‘Cementone Beaver’: A publicity video for Builders Merchants to demonstrate correct use of several of  the companies masonry products.

  • St Mary’s Church, Woughton on the Green, Milton Keynes. Documentary on the historical construction of the Medieval church.

  • Discovery Home and Leisure, Cable Television. Demonstrations of the practical skills of Tuck pointing.

  • ‘What the Victorians did for us’, Adam Hart Davis

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